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The History and Mystery of the Maine Lobster Roll

By September 11, 2009

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 Lobster Roll If you're not from the northeast you may never have seen, or even heard of, the lobster roll. Which is too bad, since it may be our country's greatest sandwich creation. So, how did one of our most expensive foods (well, at least it used to be) end up served cold on a toasted hot dog bun?

No one knows with exact certainty, but it seems that while the wealthier women of the 1800's enjoyed lobster at their lavish luncheons, they didnt like them torn apart table side. So, the cooks for these families started turning the sweet chunks of meat into more user-friendly salads.

Now this delicious lobster salad had to wait patiently, for decades, to be united with its culinary soul mate, the toasted hot dog bun. Which happened sometime after 1912, which was when the first soft hamburger and hot dog buns were commercially manufactured. Now this delicious lobster salad could be eaten with one hand! It was only a matter of time before these amazing sandwiches were being eaten all up and down the New England coast.

If you've never had one, you're missing out on one of life's great food experiences. The timing may be right, since lobster prices have been going down for a while now, and this "special occasion" food is now much more affordable than you may remember. The recipe for Maine lobster rolls could not be easier, so check out my favorite version here. Enjoy!

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