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Meat Recipes - American Foods: American Meats and Poultry
All the great meat dishes that form the foundation of American Food. They're all here; grilled, barbecued, roasted, braised, smoked, deep-fried, and even raw.
Italian Meat Recipes - Italian Food - About.com
Like everything else, Italian meat recipes are quite varied, and you'll find something fit for every occasion, from a zesty cutlet or involtino through grilled chicken, ...
Kosher Meat Recipes - Kosher Food - About.com
Jewish Dietary Laws allow for meat consumption, but ensure it is done with sensitivity. Only animals that BOTH chew their cud and have split hooves are ...
Meat recipes - Indian Food - About.com
Roasted, curried, pickled or barbecued - there's a there's a meat dish for every taste and ... Kheema Recipes - Minced Meat Recipes - Ground Meat Recipes.
Indian Kheema (Minced Meat) Recipes Collection - Indian Food
I love Kheema (minced meat) because it's so versatile! Here is a collection of some of my favorite Indian style Kheema recipes...
Meat-based recipes - German Food - About.com
Recipes for roasts, grilled meats, stir fry and casseroles. Germans use chicken, duck, goose, other wild game, beef, pork and lamb in their meat dishes.
Piemontese Meat Recipes - Italian Food - About.com
Beef Roll, or Salciccione di Bue: This recipe is drawn from a volume entitled Il Cuoco Piemontese, which was published in 1766. As is true with most recipes of  ...
Shabbos Meat and Puff Pastry Pie Recipe - Kosher Food - About.com
This quick easy Meat Pie is simple enough to prepare with your kids. Simply saute onions, brown ground beef, mix with frozen vegetables and Marinara sauce, ...
Shepherd's Pie Recipe - Kosher Meat Recipes - Shepherds Pie with ...
Shepherd's Pie, which is believed to have originated in northern England and Scotland, was originally made with lamb meat, as the name implies. However, in  ...
German Traditional Meat Dishes Recipes - German Food - About.com
Simple German recipes for authentic dinners. Pork, chicken and beef are featured main dishes for easy German food. Roast recipes, stir fry recipes and ...
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