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Great American Chili Recipes

A collection of classic American chili recipes from every region of the country. From the Texas "Bowl of Red" to Cincinnati's Skyline Chili.

Two-Bean Chicken Chili
Wonderfully homey and flavorful, this chicken chili is healthier than all-beef version and just as delicious.

Turkey Chili
Lower fat doesn't mean lower favor in this delicious turkey chili recipe. You might make this the first time because it's low-carb, and low-cal, but you'll make it again because it tastes so good!

"Bowl of Red" Texas Chili
This is my version of a typical Texas-style chili. This is very similar to a recipe that President Lyndon B. Johnson claimed as his personal favorite. He called his version "Pedernales River Chili," and in typical LBJ-style, claimed it to be superior to all others.

Spicy Turkey and White Bean Chili
You're going to love this delicious, low-fat, and full-flavored turkey chili recipe. The subtle, smoky heat of the chipotle works so well with the white beans in this easy-to-make chili. If you thought using turkey meant sacrificing flavor, give this chili recipe a try.

Super Easy, Super Bowl
Great-tasting, easy recipes for a Super Bowl bash.

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