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Super Easy, Super Bowl

Five great-tasting recipes that make an easy a menu.


The Super Bowl is a great excuse for a party, and almost all of these dishes can all be made ahead making life easy for the cook - because the last thing the host wants is to be stirring something on the stove during a game-winning touchdown. Plus, you can be sure that no matter what the score is, who is (or isn't) in the half-time show, and whether the commercials hold up to the pre-game hype, the food will be great!

Game Day Menu

Round out the menu with some roasted nuts, chips and/or snack mix. And of course, include a great selection of beer to accompany all the great food. These beer pairings are a few to consider.

Great Guacamole
Garlicky Marinated Mushrooms
Two-Bean Chicken Chili
Buttermilk Jalapeno Cornbread
Chocolaty Cupcakes or Apple Cake with Caramel Glaze

1. Great Guacamole

Great Guacamole
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It would almost be sacri-religious to have a Super Bowl party without serving guacamole, and with good reason - nothing tastes better than this creamy, slightly garlicky avocado dip with crisp tortilla chips. But you really need to make it yourself, and it's the only recipe in the menu that shouldn't be made ahead. But it's super easy - so say adios to the store-bought variety!

2. Garlicky Marinated Mushrooms

Garlicky Marinated Mushrooms
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It will be worth it to make a double-batch of the marinated mushrooms, because they will disappear quickly. You can also add some black or green olives to the dish if you'd like.

3. Two-Bean Chicken Chili

Two-Bean Chicken Chili
K. Kingsley
Chili should be made in quantity and served to a boisterous crowd - it's just the nature of the dish, including this easy Two-Bean Chicken Chili. Turn the meal into a festive gathering by offering lots of toppings, such as diced avocado, shredded cheese, sliced scallions, and chopped olives. A basket of warm cornbread will also make a welcome accompaniment.

4. Buttermilk Jalapeno Cornbread

Jalapeno Cornbread
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This is the recipe I use when making cornbread for a crowd. It bakes into a moist, light and flavorful bread and the jalapenos give it an extra kick of flavor. Watch the how-to video for making this cornbread.

5. Chocolaty Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes
These incredibly delicious cupcakes deliver a double-chocolate whammy: a deep dark chocolate cake topped with a rich, glossy chocolate ganache icing. They make a perfect ending to a game-day party - plus they're easy to serve and eat!

6. Apple Cake with Caramel Glaze

Apple Cake with Caramel Glaze
K. Kingsley
This is the perfect do-ahead cake, in fact, it's even better-tasting after a day or so after it's been baked. The applesauce and sour cream keep the cake tender and moist for days. After you make this cake once, the recipe will become one of your tried-and-true favorites.

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