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American Mac and Cheese Recipes

American Macaroni and Cheese Recipes

Baked Macaroni and Cheese
A recipe for homemade Baked Macaroni and Cheese recipe that couldn't be easier or more comforting. Find more great comfort foods here.

Rainy Day Mac and Cheese Recipe
The name of this macaroni and cheese recipe says it all. This is the mac and cheese that put the "comfort" in comfort food. Dig into a dish of this classic, creamy macaroni and cheese anytime you want to warm up from the inside out.

"New School" Macaroni and Cheese
A "revolutionary new method" may be a bit strong, but this recipe requires no Béchamel sauce (the classic French butter and flour-based white cream sauce). That means this version is much easier, way faster, less starchy, and every bit as satisfying.

Macaroni and Cottage Cheese Casserole
The addition of cottage cheese and sour cream turns the ordinary macaroni and cheese into a deliciously creamy casserole. To counter the mild cottage cheese, a sharp cheddar is also used in this great macaroni and cheese recipe.

Broccoli and Cottage Cheese Casserole
The addition of broccoli and cottage cheese turns an ordinary macaroni and cheese recipe into a deliciously healthy casserole.

Truffle Macaroni and Cheese Recipe
This truffle macaroni and cheese recipe is a gourmet twist on the comfort classic. This recipe is from the Artisan Cheese Center, and would be perfect for that special occasion dinner party. Once only available in exclusive gourmet shops, truffle oil is now sold at most high-end grocery stores.

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