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Native American Food and Recipes

America's indigenous people, and the foods they grew, hunted, and gathered, have not only shaped modern American food, but also cuisines all over the world. Here you'll find dishes that were enjoyed by the Native Americans, as well as modern recipes using these American ingredients.

Blueberry Corn Muffins Recipe
These blueberry corn muffins are an American classic.

Five Fresh Recipe Ideas for Sweet Summer Corn
There is nothing better than freshly boiled corn, slathered in butter, sprinkled with salt, and eaten right off the cob. It's truly one of life's great pleasures. But, by the middle of summer it's starting to lose it's magic - a classic case of too much of a good thing. Here are a few fresh ideas for enjoying this sweet summer treat.

Five American "Super Foods" for Better Health and Delicious Dining
A list of five "super foods," indigenous to America, that you should be eating and enjoying regularly for better health. Experts have used the term "super foods" to describe various edibles that are significantly higher nutritionally than most other foods. They are generally higher in essential nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and/or antioxidants. This list also links to five great recipes which you can use to enjoy these beneficial foods.

Creamy Chive Garlic Mashed Potatoes
This mashed potato recipe is perfect for those times when plain mashed potatoes just won't do. Unlike many garlic mashed potato recipes, this version cooks the garlic with the potatoes for a more mild, sweeter flavor.

Turkey Noodle Casserole
Turkey noodle casserole is simple to make, and is a great way to use up leftover turkey.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Salad
Bump up your protein and Omega-3 intake with this delicious tuna alternative. Wild Alaskan salmon salad is a great make-ahead dish, and it packs more flavor than regular old salad spreads.

Buffaloaf - Buffalo Meatloaf
Most large supermarkets now sell ground bison or buffalo meat. This very healthy alternative to beef has 50% less cholesterol, and contains none of the hormones, and antibiotics that cattle sometimes receive. It's also delicious, and makes a great meatloaf recipe. The sautéed mushrooms gives this meatloaf a great flavor and moist texture.

Spicy Jalapeno Cornbread with Honey Lime Butter - Video Recipe
This Southwestern recipe has a wonderful balance between the heat of the peppers and the sweetness of the cornbread. Top the cornbread with honey lime butter for a mouthwatering treat.

Maple Cornbread
This cornbread recipe uses maple syrup to add flavor and moistness.

Spicy Buffalo Chili
This spicy chili recipe uses buffalo, or bison meat, instead of the usual ground beef. Buffalo chili is lower in fat and calories than a beef chili since buffalo are a leaner animal. Native Indians were cooking bison and chilies for centuries before "chili con carne" became the popular American food it is today.

Buttermilk Cornbread
This cornbread recipe is more on the moist and tender side than the dry and crumbly texture that many traditional recipes feature. This is a very easy to make cornbread recipe that always gets rave reviews.

Turkey and Cheddar Meatloaf
This great turkey meatloaf recipe uses the addition of cheddar to make a rich and delicious meatloaf that will make you forget all about ground chuck! If you think all turkey meatloaf recipes are dry and boring, give this one a try.

Spicy Turkey and White Bean Chili
You're going to love this delicious, low-fat, and full-flavored turkey chili recipe. The subtle, smoky heat of the chipotle works so well with the white beans in this easy-to-make chili. If you thought using turkey meant sacrificing flavor, give this chili recipe a try.

Turkey Chili
Lower fat doesn't mean lower favor in this delicious turkey chili recipe. You might make this the first time because it's low-carb, and low-cal, but you'll make it again because it tastes so good!

Buttermilk Jalapeno Cornbread
This great buttermilk jalapeno cornbread recipe has just the right balance between heat and sweet. Also, this cornbread has no baking powder, which gives many cornbread recipes an aftertaste. If you don't like jalapenos, feel free to leave them out and this moist, easy cornbread recipe will still come out wonderfully.

Fat-Free Kale and Sweet Potato Soup
It's hard to come up with a more nutritious soup recipe than this fat-free kale and sweet potato soup. No butter or oil is needed when you're using the delicious combination of satisfying sweet potatoes and the flavorful kale. Not only is this fat-free soup nutritious and tasty, it's incredibly easy and fast to prepare. Both the main ingredients are on many of the "super foods" lists and this kale and sweet potato soup is a great way to enjoy them.

Avocado and Grapefruit Salad with Yogurt Dressing
This colorful, healthy avocado and grapefruit salad recipe features an exciting array of tastes and textures. It has peppery arugula lettuce, a simple and light yogurt dressing, sharp curls of Parmesan cheese, and toasted pine nuts. These ingredients really go wonderfully with the silky avocado, and the sweet and tangy grapefruit.

Sweet Potato Steak Fries
So simple and delicious, these sweet potato fries are a great way to enjoy one of nature's most nutritious foods. Since these are done in a hot oven, they don't need lots of oil to "fry." These sweet potato fries are great with burgers, steaks and almost anything else you would serve with regular fries.

The Mythical "Three Sisters" of Native American Cuisine
Dating back thousands of years, the story of the "three sisters" is one of the world's most interesting farming and food success stories.

Wild Rabbit Stew
Rabbit was a popular protein for many Native American tribes. This was a very typical recipe, especially in the southwest, and would have been adjusted according to the local ingredients.

Wild Rice
American wild rice is not true rice, but actually the seeds of a variety of wetlands grass. The variety most commonly grown and served today is called Northern wild rice, and is native to the Great Lakes region of America.

Classic "Cast Iron" Cornbread
Until you try this recipe you've never really had true American corn bread before! By the way, this is just one of the many great reasons to own a cast iron skillet.

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