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Secret Sauces for Super Burgers!


Anyone can grill a burger, but it's how you dress them that separates the mundane from the memorable. All these versatile burger sauce recipes can be made well ahead of time, and work whether you're cooking in the kitchen, or grilling in the backyard.

Spicy Chipotle Burger Spread

The Texan: Chipotle and Hickory Bar-B-Que Sauce
Schröder+Schömbs PR _ Brands | Media | Lifestyle /Flickr

This chipotle sauce is great on grilled burgers, steaks, and chicken. It will also spice up any sandwich as a substitute for mayonnaise.

Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing

Photo (c) Flickr User Halima Ahkdar
Blue cheese sauce is great on a burger, and it's so easy to make your own blue cheese dressing - not only is it much cheaper, you can also choose which great blue cheeses to use, such as Gorgonzola or Roquefort.

Caramelized Onions

Photo © Flickr user eye of einstein
Caramelized onions are one of the most popular, and delicious, toppings for steaks and burgers. This caramelized onions recipe uses both red and yellow onions for a sweet and savory garnish, great for any grilled or roasted meats.

Chimichurri Sauce

Photo (c) John Mitzewich

Chimichurri is a cold green sauce originally from Argentina. This versatile herb and garlic sauce is similar to pesto, and like pesto it can be served on so many things. Chimichurri been showing up on menus across America in recent years, usually as a condiment for grilled meat.

Kentucky Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

Photo © Flickr user markyboy81
Why should those casual dining chain restaurants have all the fun? This bourbon sauce is perfect for brushing on a burger just before it comes off the grill.

Aioli Recipe - A Garlic Mayonnaise

Photo © John Mitzewich
Garlic mayonnaise, or aioli, is one of America's most popular cold sauces. This simple aioli recipe has unlimited uses; from a super burger and sandwich spread, to a great dip for vegetables.

That Famous "Special Sauce"

Photo © Flickr user The Duke of URL
Yes, "that" famous special sauce.

Honey Dijon Barbecue Sauce

Photo © Flickr user WordRidden
If you like mustard, this sweet and tangy, honey Dijon barbecue sauce recipe is perfect for burgers of any kind. Try it with a grilled turkey burger.

Non-Fat Spicy Yogurt Mint Sauce

Photo © John Mitzewich

This non-fat spicy yogurt mint sauce recipe is perfect when you want a sauce with big flavor, but without big calories. Mint sauce recipes are very traditional with lamb, but are great on a grilled beef or turkey burger, especially when you are using Mediterranean spices.

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