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Six Classic Rainy Day Recipes


When the weather outside is wet and nasty, stay in and make one of these classic American rainy day recipes. One thing these delicious recipes have in common is their ability to give you that warm, cozy feeling inside, no mater how badly it's pouring outside.

1. Macaroni and Cheese

Photo © Flickr user jslander
This is the mac and cheese that put the "comfort" in comfort food. Dig into a dish of this classic, creamy macaroni and cheese anytime you want to warm up from the inside out.

2. Chicken and Biscuits

Photo © John Mitzewich
Is there anything homier than a bowl of chicken and biscuits? The slowly simmer vegetables, tender chicken, and rich gravy, topped with a hot buttermilk biscuit is the definition of comfort food.

3. French Onion Soup

Photos © John Mitzewich
French onion soup is one of America's most popular "restaurant soups," but with this easy recipe you can make it at home anytime you want. This French onion soup recipe is topped with the traditional Gruyere cheese, but any melting cheese will work.

4. Classic Tuna Noodle Casserole

Photo © John Mitzewich
This casserole recipe is an American icon. Tuna noodle casserole is a comfort-food classic that is very simple to make, and a very frugal to serve. The crisp breadcrumb crust atop the creamy egg noodles is a combo that is hard to beat!

5. Country Ham and Split Pea Soup

Photo © John Mitzewich
Split pea soup with diced country ham, is a hearty, soul-warming bowl of delicious goodness. It's also one of the easiest soup recipes there is.

6. Bowl of Chili

Photo © John Mitzewich
Check out this collection of classic American chili recipes from every region of the country. From the Texas "Bowl of Red" to Cincinnati Skyline Chili.
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