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The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Menu Planner


Planning a big Super Bowl party, but aren't sure what to serve? You've come to the right place! Below you'll find the cornerstones for building a great game day buffet!

Chicken Wing Recipes

Photo (c) John Mitzewich
A collection of America's most popular chicken wing recipes. From the classic Buffalo-style chicken wings, to southern-style, to new Asian-influenced recipes.

Great Dip Recipes

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Bread, chips, crackers, or vegetables will all work with any of these delicious dip recipes. Dips are a great way to feed lots of hungry partygoers without going broke.

Super Bowls of Chili

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There is no better recipe than chili when you need to feed a big group of hearty eaters. These chili recipes offer something for everyone; there's classic beef, turkey, chicken, pork, and vegetarian versions. Whether you like mild or wild, one of these recipe will work for you.

Homemade Pizza Recipes

Photo (c) 2009 Wolfgang Puck

Making pizza at home is a fun and delicious project the whole family can participate in. Below you'll not only find a easy dough recipes, but also lots of ideas for what to do with it.

Sandwich Hall of Fame

Photo © Flickr user hal990

Is there any other country that loves it's "hand-held" food as much as we do? God bless you Earl of Sandwich, you lazy genius! Here are the true American classics.

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