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Enjoying American Regional Recipes and Cuisine


To truly understand American food, one must explore the extensive offerings of the nation's regional cuisines. From the creamy fish chowders of New England, down to Louisiana's famous jambalaya, all the way over to the wild mushrooms of Pacific Northwest, America's regional foods are as unique, and diverse, as the country itself.
  1. New England's Regional Recipes
  2. Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regional Recipes
  3. Southeast / Gulf Coast Regional Recipes
  4. Midwest Regional Recipes
  1. Southwest Regional Recipes
  2. California Regional Recipes
  3. Northwest Regional Recipes

New England's Regional Recipes

New England's regional recipes include classic favorites everyone loves, as well as modern, updated versions of recipes that date all the way back to the pilgrims. New England's regional cuisine has a very long and proud tradition.

Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regional Recipes

From the street foods of the Big Apple, across Pennsylvania Dutch country, to the famous crab cakes of Maryland, the cuisine and recipes of this region were shaped by waves of European immigrants. Each group made recipes from their native countries, using the wide array of local ingredients, and created an impressive collection of regional recipes.

Southeast / Gulf Coast Regional Recipes

Southern cooks have long considered their regional recipes unequaled in flavor, variety, and tradition - and it's hard to argue. So many of America's favorite dishes and recipes were born in the steamy, soulful south. The unique blend of European, Native Indian, Caribbean, and African cultures has produced an almost endless array of great American recipes.

Midwest Regional Recipes

From the Great Lakes across the Great Plains, this hearty, satisfying food reflects the settlers that came here from Scandinavia, Germany, Eastern Europe, and Greece. When you combine their old world culinary traditions, with influences from the rest of the country, you get a collection of America's favorite recipes.

Southwest Regional Recipes

Recipes from the American Southwest were shaped by prehistoric Native tribes, hardy, resourceful cowboys, as well as Spanish and Mexican influences. This region's rustic recipes are some of the spiciest and most colorful American food anywhere.

California Regional Recipes

California's amazing produce, concentration of some of the finest chefs in the world, and the region's anything goes attitude, makes for one of America's most fascinating regional cuisines.

Northwest Regional Recipes

This region's rainy weather doesn't dampen the creative and diverse recipes that come from this part of America. From the great seafood of the rocky coastline, to the wild mushrooms and berries foraged deep in the forest, the northwest offers much more than a great cup of coffee!

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