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Great American Stew Recipes

A collection of great American stew recipes from every region of the country.

Veal Stew over Egg Noodles
An easy veal stew that's incredibly tender and delicious. It's a wonderful stew for a family dinner or to serve to company.

Classic Beef Stew
Nothing compares to the homey flavor of this classic Beef and Vegetable Stew. Find more great stew recipes here.

Beef Barley Stew
Beef Stew with barley is an American classic, surviving in the annals of comfort food as an easy, frugal dish that's delicious and nourishing.

Three Great Stews
Serve up a bowl of comfort with one of the easy-to-make stews, including Classic Beef, Beef Barley and Veal Stew.

Creole Jambalaya
Straight from New Orleans' famous French Quarter, this Creole favorite is a descendant of the Spanish paella. Featuring local ingredients, and a healthy dose of French flair, Jambalaya has been a Louisiana favorite for over a century. This simple Jambalaya recipe is easy to make, re-heats beautifully, and is great for entertaining.

Wild Rabbit Stew
Rabbit was a popular protein for many Native American tribes. This was a very typical recipe, especially in the southwest, and would have been adjusted according to the local ingredients.

Fried Oyster Stew with Cream of Cauliflower and Chervil
The French Laundry is a small gourmet restaurant located in Yountville, CA, in the Napa Valley. It’s considered by many the finest restaurant in the country and the Chef/Owner, Thomas Keller, is consider by many the country’s top Chef. This fried oyster and creamy stew is a hot take on one of his classic cold appetizers; cauliflower “Panna Cotta” topped with a fresh raw oyster and caviar.

Brunswick Stew
This very traditional chicken stew, named for Brunswick, Georgia or Brunswick County, Virginia, depending on whom you believe, is a delicious taste of old-fashion southern cooking at it's best. This recipe is from Diana Rattray, About.com's Southern Food guide.

Cioppino - San Francisco's Famous Fish Stew
This amazing recipe is the City by the Bay's signature dish. A rich stew featuring an array of fresh seafood in a flavorful tomato and wine sauce, just waiting for a large hunk of sourdough bread to be dunked into it! This is San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf in a bowl.

Old Fashioned Beef Stew
This is your classic, old-time, "just like mom used to make" beef stew. There's a good reason heirloom recipes like these remain almost unchanged, as they are passed down through the generations.

Sausage, Potato, and Zucchini Stew
This sausage, potato, and zucchini stew recipe is a fantastic way to use up some of that abundant end of summer zucchini.

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