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American Food vs. American Cuisine

A brief introduction into the "American Food" vs. "American Cuisine" debate, as well as other great resources for understanding, and appreciating American Food.

Trying to Define an American Cuisine
For decades, chefs and other epicureans have argued and debated this topic. While countless American foods easily come to mind, and are well known worldwide, is it really possible to answer the question, "what is American cuisine?"

The Top 10 Foods America Gave the World
This impressive list of foods are all indigenous to America. Brought back to Europe and Asia by the early explorers, many of these ingredients are now key components in cuisines all around the globe. See why, thanks to America, the world is a much more delicious place!

Some Famous, and Less Than Flattering Quotes About American Food
Over the last few decades, American food and American regional cuisine has gained much respect around the world for its diversity, creativity and trends towards healthy, and sustainable ingredients. But, as you'll read in this collection of quotes, that certainly was not always the case. American food has come along way from the days it was the laughing stock of the culinary world.

The Smithsonian Institution's "Key Ingredients: America by Food"
This website is the Smithsonian Institution's online companion to their exhibition called Key Ingredients: America by Food. It's a wonderful resource for exploring the rich history of American food. It has three main sections; 500 Years of American Food, The American Cookbook Project, and Eating Across America.

The Ultimate Food Timeline
This timeline, from foodtimeline.org, is simply the most comprehensive, chronologically based resource available. While not exclusively an American food timeline, from the 16th century on, a large part of the content deals with how American food or "American Cuisine" if you prefer, was developed. You'll find everything from the first Cows in America, in 1493, to 2007 and…Kool-Aid pickles?

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